About Us

I'm fixing the food chain in my little corner. Why? Because I CAN!

As a fed-up consumer and mother, I decided to grow our own meat. This idea quickly expanded to grow a little extra for our extended family and then it snowballed into growing to sell at the local farmer's markets. And somewhere in the mix of it all it was the decision to raise a rare breed. So in April of 2012, we loaded up the truck for a trip to New York to purchase the first of our Mulefoot breeding stock, Nibbles and Pinky. A few weeks later I picked up our boar, Chester, in New Hampshire.

We have since added two bloodlines from Indiana and another from Vermont in order to keep diversity in our Mulefoot herd. Fencing has been added to enclose 15 acres or more so that they have plenty of room to just be pigs. These critters deserve a happy dignified life even if it is only a short life. It's not just that happy critters taste better, it's the right way to treat them, plain & simple.

I added meat birds in 2013 and Thanksgiving Turkeys the following year. Due to local demand, this year we will have fresh turkeys available for Canadian Thanksgiving.

Our pig herd numbers are in almost constant fluctuation as pigs head to market and new litters are born. For a very short time in the fall of 2014 we had over 100 pigs on premises! I'm amazed at how the farm has grown in such a short period of time and I truly love being a farmer. A huge Thank You to all who have helped make it all happen!

At Dogpatch Farm we believe and practice "know your farmer & fisherman". Buying local isn't just about great tasting food; it's about safer, healthier food, supporting the local economy and cutting the carbon footprint of our food supply. We value organizations that aspire to embrace fair trade principles and the many individual consumers who use their purchasing power to make a positive change in the lives of people and communities.


**2016 update, we have over 150 pigs growing in the woods with more than 75% spoken for already! I'm truly overwhelmed by the wonderful response that we've had for our pigs. With the slow growth rate of these hogs we've already started growing pigs for 2017.