We sell Custom, State or USDA processed hogs for your freezer. We charge by hanging weight. Whole and Half hog pricing by hanging weight dropped off at the slaughterhouse. All processing fees are the responsibility of the buyer. Cost varies depending on processing choices but roughly $1.00 lb to have it cut, wrapped and frozen.


Delivery available for USDA Processed Wholesale hogs (whole, split or primals). Currently we deliver between Washington Maine and South Dartmouth, MA. Please call to inquire if you are off my beaten path.


Dogpatch Farm is a Farrow to Finish farm which means our pigs are all born and raised right here on the farm until they go to market.

We are happy to sell Mulefoot piglets as registered breeding stock to help this breed recover to sustainable numbers. We currently have 5 bloodlines with plans to add more in 2017. I believe there are still fewer than 500 registered Mulefoot in the U.S. though I'm not sure of the exact population, they remain on the ABLC's "Critical" list.   Please contact us to be added to the waiting list for breeding stock.

And a few words from our customers....